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Liposuction in Germany

Liposuction in Germany


Total liposuction

Liposuction is a bariatric surgery to change surgically mass deposition of fat in certain areas of the body. As a rule it is the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Liposuction can certainly is a method for the treatment of obesity, it does not affect the pathogenesis of obesity. With the help of liposuction can not remove all the fat. However, the visual effect of liposuction for a figure greater than the reduction in fat mass in other ways.

During the initial consultation, the German experts will demonstrate the opportunities and limitations of liposuction, will give an overview of different methods and techniques and.
Males have only about 30,000 of fat cells, while the women have about 40,000. The location on the body of the cell, and therefore justified gineticheski are hereditary. Problems arise only when they are enlarged, irregular and often in places where they do not really need. The concept of “problem areas” is the key to these cases.

Diet? Sports? Both approaches are undoubtedly correct and are recommended, depending on the physical condition and medical history. However, compared with liposuction are very important differences and the results: for example diet is recommended if the weight has to be reduced as a whole.
The downside of the diet is that a woman loses weight in the wrong places .  Another undesirable consequence of the diet is the effect of the so-called “yo-yo.” After each diet, the body tries to compensate for the loss of weight, and more often  adds additional pounds of weight.

Special exercises and sports for fitness, health and the development of character is always useful. But it is not always possible with the help of sports at certain locations to reduce fat and come to their ideal figure. As with any diet, weight loss is not enough if the patient feels that with additional shoulder and thigh muscles are even thicker than before.

Benefits liposuction

Unlike diet and intense exercise liposuction does not reduce the weight of the body and does not increase muscle mass. But liposuction solves problems in those places where it is desirable to: flab disappear where they seem unattractive or just plain ugly. Even in these hard to reach areas such as the chin, knees and ankles. Thus, you can actually talk less about liposuction, but rather about lipo-formation. This kind of modern approach allows for outpatient treatment in Germany and is a very gentle way to implement bodyforming.

Underarm hyperhydrosis

Treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis in Germany.

Axillary hyperhydrosis – is a very strong selection of underarm sweat or excessive sweating.

Hyperhydrosis treatment in Germany.

Axillary hyperhydrosis is a disproportionate  sweating  of armpits. Most people find it is annoying, because hyperhydrosis often goes along with no perspiration control  and a strong body odor.

In the past, attempts were made to treat this condition, including by injection of botulin toxin ( Botox ). Unfortunately it  provides only short-term results and therefore should be repeated regularly.

German experts have developed a new technique for extraction of sweat glands  that allows 90% of patients to get a long term results. The method of  an extraction of the sweat glands is based on the technique of liposuction (fat removal). Only experienced surgeons can do it successfully.

Analysis of the extent and function of the sweat glands is needed to make a proper recommendations.

Tummy Tuck in Germany

Skin tightening stomach and abdominoplasty in Germany

Skin tightening stomach


A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Germany is only when this becomes necessary. For example, after pregnancy or as a result of the strong weight loss. A simple pull on the skin may not be sufficient to eliminate the excess skin or wrinkles on her. Another indication for surgery is called an overhanging belly or so-called hanging belly. German surgeons in this situation, at the same time spend and reduce fat.

There are so-called big tummy tuck and so-called small abdominoplasty.

For large abdominoplasty simultaneously moves navel. In the general case, the incision is made above the symphysis, ie at the level of the pubis. Incision placed in such a way that it can not be seen in a swimsuit or bikini. Significant excess skin is removed with or without removal of excess fatty tissue, so that the abdominal wall is tightened. In some cases, banding and adaptation of muscles. This is partly determined at the time of surgery, or sometimes when the preliminary study.
To prepare for the surgery required to pass a preliminary examination and preparation for surgery in Munich. In Germany, the German doctors will help determine which method is best suited to each individual case. This may be pure liposuction or skin sufficiently flexible and simple tummy tuck will be sufficient.

Operations of this kind are usually not very expensive, and it takes no more than 3 hours. A tummy tuck operations in Germany are carried out only under general anesthesia. Patients after their stop in 1-2 days.
Postoperative control will require multiple visits for inspection and preoverki zazhivaemosti. Alternating weeks after surgery, the patient will be placed on the so-called top, which will promote good healing. In this case, individual counseling in Munich will also be important.

For more information about Tummy Tuck in Germany please go to medical advice.