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Treatment of bunion in Germany

Treatment of bunion (hallux valgus) in Germany.

Treatment of bunion (hallux valgus) in Germany.

What is a bunion (hallux valgus)?

Bunion – valgus deformity of the foot (Latin: Hallux valgus) is one of the common strains interphalangeal joints (Latin: Articulatio interphalangealis) arising on the big toe (Latin: Articulatio metatarsophalangealis).

Epidemiology and causes.

Statistically, only about 10% are caused by genetic because of flat feet, but for the remaining 90% of cases are caused by incorrect selection of shoes.
Stronger forms of deformation primarily affect women. This is due to the weakness of the connective tissue in women. In addition to the features of the form of women’s shoes, which are contributing to this negative trend.
There are three factors forms of footwear:

  1. Heel height.
    At an altitude of more than three inches observed significantly increased pressure on the forefoot. On the one hand, it contributes to the appearance of flat feet, and on the other hand, the toes are pressed into the shoes.
  2. Narrow toe shoes.
    If the toe of their shoes are too tight, then you do not see your toes freedom. As a result, they have to be in a bad position, which eventually leads to permanent deformation at the ankles.
  3. Too short shoes.
    If the shoe is too short, the toes do not have to be in a natural position, and this contributes to bursitis of the big toe.

Clinical manifestations

When valgus deformity of the foot significantly increased the angle between I and II metatarsals. In this case, I-I metatarsal bone starts to grow in, because of this, her head begins to form a mound, named “bone on his feet.” Since in this case the big toe can not continue to look inside, it gradually deviates outward.


As the result of constant pressure were “Bones” as inflamed conflicts with the shoes.
This usually leads to bursitis, ie inflammation of the mucous bag replacement.
In addition, as a consequence of the constant pressure begins bone changes in the head I-th metatarsal bone. Changes in bone lead to swelling, sensitivity, pain and excessive irritability “bones” on a thumb.
Wrong location and angle of the big toe leads to premature wear of the fixed joints affected cartilage and significantly increase the size of the bone growth on his leg.

Treatment in Germany

There are more than 150 different methods of operating adjustments arising valgus deformity of the foot. The overall goal of these methods is to reduce the angle between the metatarsal bones, as This will put the base of the big toe to the right position. German orthopedic surgeons use about five different methods of solving these problems.
In German clinics surgery to correct bone of the thumb is conducted:

  1. Transection of the metatarsal I (known as: Corrective osteotomy).
  2. The so gennante Scarf osteotomy procedure.
  3. The preferred proportion of the toes downward metatarsal move in direction of the second metatarsal.
  4. With heavy sutures are again just put the big toe.
  5. From the first metatarsal the abnormal bony enlargement will be removed.
  6. At the phalanx of the big toe is the damaged portion of the joint is removed and reinforced in a good position again (called arthrodesis).
  7. Then either a special redressierenden association or the removal of the skin sutures.

The postoperative wound healing takes about 1 to 2 months. It is recommended to wear within 1.5 months of the orthopedic shoes.

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