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Gastric cancer

gastric cancer

gastric cancer


A female friend of mine ( aged  25 ) from Dubai was diagnoses as having gastric cancer  2 months ago.  She has had part of her stomach removed in a hospital in Shiraz  ( Iran ).  She has been told by the doctor who did the operation, to go immediately to Germany for the continuation of her treatment.  Please kindly advise as to exactly where in Germany is best for her to go for the continuation of her treatment.
Thanking you for your kind attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you for contacting our Medical Services  for information on obtaining medical care for you.
In order for our physicians to properly review this case and determine an appropriate course of treatment, we would need additional information.
Please complete the attached New Patient Form and sign the Financial Policy statement and return the forms along with all pertinent medical records in German or English (including any CT scans, MRIs or x-rays, etc).

In order to give a 2nd opinion the doctors need to know/receive:

  1. Clinical notes, medical history,
  2. Treatment he has received up till now Chemo? Dosage & frequency?
  3. Radiation? Dosage & frequency?
  4. His symptoms?  
  5. Current list of medication
  6. List of operations/surgeriesOperative report
  7. Pathology slides and reports.
  8. A copy of the images of his PET CT Scan on a CD sent to our address below.

Also, as of January 1, 2000 we are required to verify patient identity. Please review the attached document which list acceptable forms of identification.
Please send a copy of his photo identification to our Medical Services Department with his completed patient forms and medical records and be prepared to show his original photo documentation when he arrives for his appointment(s).
You may return the forms/medical records via e-mail and you can return these forms to our office via regular mail, DHL, Fed Ex or UPS to our address.
Once we have received this information, our physicians will review the case and advise accordingly.  Please be advised that there may be a fee associated with this consult.

Treatment of Barrett’s esophagus

Treatment of Barrett's esophagus in Germany

Treatment of Barrett’s esophagus in Germany

In 2008 I was diagnosed with esophagus  Barrett. Sigmenta length of 6.5 cm
All these years I was taking rabeprazole (40) and Gaviscon and regularly made gastroscopy.
But the improvement was not observed.

The latest survey showed presence of polyps in the stomach and easy dysplasia in the esophagus. My doctor believes that as my case I for the treatment of esophageal shown BARRX Radiofrequency aplation (HALO 360). But in Moscow, this device is not present.

I am wondering whether there was in your clinic treatment of Barrett’s esophagus. Treatment by BARRX radioyaastotnoy ablation is crucial when choosing clinic in Germany.

Certainly we have at the disposal of the unit BARRX Radiofrequency aplation and on par with other modern methods of treatment Barrett’s esophagus in Munich is used and the method of treatment BARRX.

To concretize our offerings, you will need to sign an agreement with us, send us a copy of the first page of your passport and your case history.

Treatment of tinnitus in Germany

Treatment of tinnitus in Germany

Treatment of tinnitus in Germany

How to apply for treatment at the clinic with the acquisition of CP acoustic neuromodulator in Germany?

It’s enough to sign the agreement sent by us and send us a copy of the first page of your passport.

What are the tentative dates of treatment in Germany?

According to German law, before proceeding with the treatment of the disease (in your case, tinnitus), the clinic is obliged to make a full diagnosis and establish a definitive diagnosis. This gives you the absolute advantage, because Tinnitus – is another manifestation of the disease, not the disease itself!

For example, tinnitus arises in the chamber, the lack of oxygen in the blood, severe hearing loss, thrombophlebitis, etc. Therefore, the treatment of tinnitus in Germany can take from 2 days to several months. But in 90% of cases it is not required to conduct stationary and may continue treatment at home.

How much does the treatment of tinnitus in Germany?

Consultation with our professor is about 500 €. It does not include the price of research and analysis, which assigns (recommended) Professor individually.

How much does in the medical tourism in Germany?

Everything is written in our agreement with the patients. If you need additional services, such as: VIP service, limousine service in Germany, help with accommodation in Munich, etc., depending on the volume of our work will be determined by the price.

NB!!! To continue (or start) our dialogue and focusing our offerings, you will need to sign an agreement sent by us and send us a copy of the first page of your passport.

Diagnosis of testicular seminoma

Treatment of seminoma in Munich


Recently began to notice a gradual painless enlargement and discomfort in the right half of the scrotum. addressed to the urologist, performed ultrasound, and the appendage of the left testicle is not changed. The right testicle with fuzzy rough contours, heterogeneous parenchyma due to inclusions hypoechoic nodular structure, the size of eggs 11.2 x6, 7 cm The epididymis is not changed. When DRC is marked diffuse increase in blood flow in the right testicle.
AFP – 1.0 IU / mL hCG – 1.1 mIU / mL LDH – 2575 units / l.
Our doctors suspect cancer.
What is required for the passage of diagnosis in Munich?

To assist in the organization of diagnosis and treatment seminoma testicular (ie, testicular cancer) you want to start to send the case history.

Cancer treatment with Cyberknife©

Cancer treatment in Germany

Cancer treatment in Germany with Cyberknife

Cancer treatment in Germany with Cyberknife©

“Proton therapy” and Cyberknife© are the most advanced high-tech method in the treatment of cancer with radiation therapy.

In the radiology clinic of Munich cancer patients are given the opportunity to be treated by one of the most modern methods of treatment of cancer. Them is a highly accurate, robot-assisted and high-tech method of radiation known as Cyberknife©.

This method has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients from all over the world in the Specialized Clinic Munich Cyberknife© are in Germany.

Therapy by the Cyberknife© is not only the most gentle, and painless for the patient, and always on an outpatient basis. Producing point exposure through special terminals and the concentration of rays that are at the intersection have significant energy potential. Thus, no interference with a surgical scalpel and cancerous tissue is destroyed, without exposing the ravages of its surrounding healthy tissue. No longer requires a painful and difficult for the body to open surgery. Due to this method, doctors can avoid possible complications of anesthesia, a multi-day hospital stay, postoperative treatment costly and lengthy recovery period of the patient.

A particular advantage of the approach in Cyberknife© is an painless, but very effective treatment of a number of cancers, for example: the spine cancers, spinal tumors, brain metastases and brain cancer, lung cancersand

. Through the use of several terminals, this approach makes it possible to divide a strong dose for a few much smaller exposures, each of which by itself is completely harmless, and at the intersection of rays created the necessary concentration. Thus, it was possible to conduct therapy in the most sensitive places and bodies, and the surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged.

Outpatient treatment Cyberknife© is held only once and does not require any restrictions during the daily life and the usual routine patient remains Following this therapy session.

Due to the strong, but the point dose therapy Cyberknife© is usually a one-time procedure and lasts depending on the requirements of a few minutes. German experts recommend the checks no later than one half of the year.

Areas of treatment in Germany

Obstetrics and gynecology – pregnancy and childbirth, treatment of gynecological diseases.

Conception and pregnancy childbirth and the postpartum period, the prevention and treatment of complications during pregnancy and fetal disease.
Infertility and IVF egg freezing and preservation of pregnancy.
Gynecology cervical erosion mammography and fibroid tumors of the uterus, nephropathy eclampsia in pregnant women endometriosis.

Center for medical treatment in Germany "German Doctor"

Center for medical treatment in Germany “German Doctor”

Angiology and treatment of disease of blood and lymphatic vessels.

Angiology diseases of blood and lymphatic vessels.
Thrombocytopenia or thrombosis, thrombophlebitis thrombocytopathies
Struggle with acute and chronic pain, phlebology, insult cerebral infarction cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Gastroenterology, proctology and internal medicine in Germany.

Diseases of the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts, probelmy rectum and colon, as well as anal abscess cholecystitis
Surgery abdominal obesity and overweight radical echinococcectomy hydatid cyst removal “gidatida” Escherichiosis ulcer
Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas and loloproktologiya.

Hematology – treatment of blood disorders in German hospitals.

Hematology – treatment of diseases of the blood and blood kroverazrusheniya.
Splenomegaly pathological enlargement of the spleen or erythremia polycythemia blood cancer leukemia leukemia white sickness.

Dermatology Allergy allergic reactions and parasitology.

Skin disease, psoriasis and demodicosis trichophytia, nevus skin fistula seborrhea and eczema of the skin erythema sepsis.
Sudamen abrasions acne neyrodermitis onychomycosis fungal disease scleroderma pyoderma trichophytia female cellulite.
Hay fever Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis allergic reaction to pollen.

Venereology and virology – treatment of viral diseases, immunology and infectious diseases.

HIV infection is AIDS papilloma aureus trichomoniasis encephalitis FMD sarcoidosis chlamydia.

Diagnosis of diseases in German hospitals.

MRI, CT, ultrasound …

Cardiology and cardiac surgery at the world-renowned cardiology Munich.

Cardiovascular Surgery heart arrhythmia heart failure atrial fibrillation pericarditis endocarditis. Cardiac mitral valve prolapse, angina tachycardia extrasystoles

Neurology – treatment of a disease of the nerves in Baden-Baden.

Brain disease neuralgia neuritis neuroses neuropathy neurofibromatosis Reklingauzena Parkinson’s disease Alzheimer Huntington.
paresthesia synesthesia sclerosis epilepsy
Treating Child Spinal polio paralysis (ICP) and spinal cord diseases.

Oncology – modern methods of cancer treatment in cancer patients.

Treatment of cancer using nuclear medicine, minimally invasive surgical oncology radiotherapy and radiology.
Kaposi teratoma brain tumor early diagnosis of cancer metastasis cancer neuroma shell nerves – a benign tumor. neuroblastoma of the sympathetic nervous system – cancer, cirrhosis of the liver.
Uterine fibroids cervicitis fibrosis pheochromocytoma cholangitis exostosis

Orthopedics – treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and traumatology.

Arthrology treated joints arthritis and arthrosis, coxarthrosis and bony growths osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. Nose osteomyelitis arthroplasty osteochondropathy spinal hernia flat sore arthritis and diseases of the joints. Prosthetic joints treatment of scoliosis spondylitis tendinitis tendon tissue degeneration.

Otolaryngology – diagnosis and treatment of diseases of ear, nose, throat, head and neck pathology.

Otosclerosis otitis ENT disease inflammation of the ear, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.
Chronic rhinitis treatment and diagnosis of different types of sinusitis: sinusitis ethmoiditis sphenoiditis front.

Ophthalmic treatment of eye diseases using modern technology.

Detachment of the retina, the treatment of retinoblastoma tumor eyes blinding trachoma tremor uveitis.
Retinopathy is damage to the retina, that is, the retina, the eye.

Pediatrics and Pediatric clinics in Germany.

Pediatrics pediatrics, and treatment in pediatric clinics in Germany. Treatment of dental fluorosis in Munich.

Psychiatry in Munich.

Treatment of psychosis and psychopathy.

Pulmonary diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases.

Pulmonary effusion pneumoconiosis silicosis pneumothorax
Toxocariasis is a bot from the group nematosis characterized by bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis hepatosplenomegaly or eosinophilia focal emphysema.


Sciatica rheumatism and gout.
Rehabilitation in German hospitals.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Prosthetic implants installation bite correction. Orthodontics – dental implants, orthopedic orthopedic prosthetic dental pulpitis, periodontitis.

Urology and Kidney Disease in the German urological clinic.

Prostatitis, urethritis pyelonephritis renal nephritis kidney transplant diagnosis of diseases of the urinary system Male reproductive system adrenal disease pathological processes in the treatment of prostate retroperitoneum urologists and oncologists in German hospitals. Cystitis urinary organs epididymitis

Surgery and plastic surgery.

Brain surgery removal of polyps – giperplazicheskih outgrowths of human tissues in the nose, uterus, stomach or ear.
Organ transplant abdominal abscess Thoracic Surgery Neurosurgery purulent pleural enuresis


Grave’s disease pituitary goiters thyroid disease diabetes.

For more information about Areas of treatment in Germany please go to medical advice.