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Paraparesis and lower paraplegia

Full information of diagnoses

МРТ шеи

Paraparesis and lower paraplegia

Heavy spinal cord trauma. Unstable fracture dislocation of body. C6. Hurt crushing of spinal cord. Superior flabby paraparesis, lower paraplegia. Dysfunction of pelvis organs on central type. Condition after posterior and anterior spondylosyndesis. Condition after tracheostomy, epicystostomy. Sepsis. Septic shock on background of bilateral infiltrate pneumonia. Serious degree of anemia,spinal cord trauma,paraplegia.

Anamnesis morbi

Carcrash on 16.12.12.Operation on 18.12.12. On 18.12.12 the patient had an operation with  problems as anterior spondylosyndesis.C 5-C7 with Atlantis system,and by epicystostomy.After X-ray all problems are solved which he had before.The patient breaths by instrument.he can’t breath himself that’s why they did an operation on 24.12.12 by putting tracheostomy.

Anamnesis vitae

According to information received from mother he didn’t have any skin diseases, never has derma to venerologik,tuberculosis.he doesn’t have genetic disease.

Status nevrosus

Level of consciousness of 15 points on a scale of Glasgow. Photoreaction is alive, symmetrical face, swallowing and phonation are not violated. urinating by epitsistostome. muscle strength in the legs and in the bones is 0. Dysfunction of pelvis organs.


Injury without signs of inflammation with sluggish granulation and fibrin coating in the area of ​​the scar in the area of ​​the projection of the vertebral.C4-Th1.


Indicators of laboratory and instrumental examinations for admission to the respective lists of hospitalization at Scientific Medical Centre. fracture-dislocation of the spine, chronic bronchitis, blood negative for HIV, hepatitis B negative blood, some reduction in the size of the left kidney;
Conclusion urologist: disruption of the pelvic nitrogen bladder, cystitis secondary.
Operation 1: Front access parafaringialny left, the removal of metal, resection of the body.
Operation 2: rear access, spinal fusion neurological status in the dynamics unchanged, there is not any active movement of the lower limbs.Was output home in a satisfactory condition. recommended: observation by a neurologist, avoid colds and physical activity, occupational therapy courses at the neuropathologist.

Rehabilitation treatment

Some reduction in the size of the left kidney;

Course of rehabilitation treatment is completed, the patient is discharged home in a satisfactory condition. during treatment with positive dynamics. improved overall health. stable hemodynamics, pain in the cervical vertebra.
When you receive a complaint: pain in the cervical spine, enhancing when turning the head. Weakness  and violation sensibility in the limbs, limitation of movement in the hands, disruption of the pelvic weakness.


A laser-projection of the bladder: magneto-on the distal upper and lower extremities. bladder to the distal upper and lower extremities: mineral wax on the distal lower extremities massage of the lumbosacral spine of the lower extremities.
postural exercises in neck braces, dosed.

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