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Tummy Tuck in Germany

Skin tightening stomach and abdominoplasty in Germany

Skin tightening stomach


A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Germany is only when this becomes necessary. For example, after pregnancy or as a result of the strong weight loss. A simple pull on the skin may not be sufficient to eliminate the excess skin or wrinkles on her. Another indication for surgery is called an overhanging belly or so-called hanging belly. German surgeons in this situation, at the same time spend and reduce fat.

There are so-called big tummy tuck and so-called small abdominoplasty.

For large abdominoplasty simultaneously moves navel. In the general case, the incision is made above the symphysis, ie at the level of the pubis. Incision placed in such a way that it can not be seen in a swimsuit or bikini. Significant excess skin is removed with or without removal of excess fatty tissue, so that the abdominal wall is tightened. In some cases, banding and adaptation of muscles. This is partly determined at the time of surgery, or sometimes when the preliminary study.
To prepare for the surgery required to pass a preliminary examination and preparation for surgery in Munich. In Germany, the German doctors will help determine which method is best suited to each individual case. This may be pure liposuction or skin sufficiently flexible and simple tummy tuck will be sufficient.

Operations of this kind are usually not very expensive, and it takes no more than 3 hours. A tummy tuck operations in Germany are carried out only under general anesthesia. Patients after their stop in 1-2 days.
Postoperative control will require multiple visits for inspection and preoverki zazhivaemosti. Alternating weeks after surgery, the patient will be placed on the so-called top, which will promote good healing. In this case, individual counseling in Munich will also be important.

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