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Vegetative dystonia

Диагностика и лечение

Medicine in Germany

Typical Soviet armed diagnosis

In the opinion of the German doctors in the “Soviet” (now in Russian) medicine often with the diagnosis of the disease is not there! It is about the so-called diagnosis of VSD, i.e. vegetative-vascular dystonia. It is usually make the toda, if not able to (or not want), in through accurate diagnosis, patients complain about the following complaints: frequent headaches, General weakness, dizziness, pain in the region of the heart, drop in blood pressure or the imbalance of the body.
For this these doctors believe the “diagnosis” vegetative-vascular dystonia is incurable and is one of the chronic diseases. Thus, they are “stamped” as a patient “for life” and leave him alone with this disease.

Lack of Knowledge in the East

The German medicine thinks that the diagnosis of “Vegetative dystonia” is very controversial. Critics see it as a scientifically not justified. The term as such is so far-fetched that terms such as “functional disorders”, “malaise”, “Stress-syndrome”, “exhaustion of the mental and physical condition” or “psychosomatic symptoms” also apply to the description of the condition of the patient.
It is not always disturbances are purely of a psychological nature, in the different kind of physical ailments without any laboratory confirmation. There are also other diseases, for example, under the influence of the social environment or a natural disaster, which may result in secondary psychiatric disorders. The man must be the organic unity of the Psyche, the soul and the body. Every mental vibration can traces and lead to a different kind of changes in the physical state, and Vice versa, see → psycho-physical correlation.

Opinion and recommendations of the German doctors

The diagnosis of “Vegetative dystonia” — in Germany more than a cure and these kind of complaints without any problems treatable in Germany.
The whole thing only in the correct diagnosis of the causes for the symptoms of vascular dystonia.
Therefore, the Patient should be as fast as possible, pass through deep diagnostics in Germany for the following specialists:

under the question of the ENT and psychiatrist.

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