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Treatment Demodicosis

Clinic demodicosis

Treatment Demodicosis

Treatment Demodicosis

Follicular bugs, mites, larvae (Larva migrans cutanea) and sand fleas are the most common cause of infectious diseases of the outer layer of the skin, ie disease parasites. When demodicosis, Demodex Brevis (tick sebaceous glands) or Demodex folliculorum (follikulny mite) resides in human skin. Demodicosis disease common in people with oily skin. In 95% of healthy people may find minor length ectoparasites living in the follicles of the face and hair of the head. With age, the number of ticks per each follicle increases. But most of the mites are harmless, however, and they can cause severe inflammatory facial sebaceous glands, ie demodicosis.
Most often heavily infected follikulnymi ticks common in patients with oily skin. The clinical picture in highly contaminated areas follikulnymi mites usually seen in follicular-related and inflammatory sites, and maybe even whole domains. In this case, the skin is scaly, itchy often observed.
It is known that human infection only occurs from the other person. Infections in children appear from the first contact with the mother.

Diagnosis of the disease demodicosis in Germany

At diagnosis granulomatous facial dermatosis in patients refractory or relapsed disease, immediately suspect the disease demodicosis. The same applies in the case of perioral dermatitis lesions. For demodicosis typically strictly unilateral, marginal and erythematous papular-pustular lesions that occur mainly on the chin, cheek and forehead. In the diagnosis should be excluded: perioral dermatitis, Rosacea papulopustulosa, shingles and seborrheic dermatitis.

Disease treatment demodicosis in Germany

In Germany, the effective treatment of demodicosis give the right to a guarantee of success. For this purpose a number of drugs for systemic and local therapy.

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