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Of the abdomen

Diagnosis and treatment in Munich

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Munich

LIVER: Location – in the right upper quadrant.
Form-variant of the norm.
The contours are smooth, clear.
The capsule is not changed.
Dimensions are not changed: the right lobe of the thickness of 129 mm (normal, 120-125 mm), left lobe – the thickness of 76 mm (normal 50-60 mm)
The structure of the parenchyma diffuse-not homogeneous.
Echogenicity, increased vascular drawing is saved.
Gate Vienna anehogennoe visualized as a tubular structure is not expanded, with a diameter of 10 mm (normal up to 13 mm). The hepatic veins are dilated. Lower hollow Vienna diameter of 19 mm. Choledoch – 5 mm (normal up to 6 mm) at the gate of the liver. Intrahepatic bile ducts are not dilated Volumetric structures have been identified.

Recommendation: run diagnostics in Germany.

GALLBLADDER: Location – the usual.
The form has not changed. The contours are smooth, clear.
Dimensions are not changed: dlinnik-78 mm (normal range 60-100 mm) diameter, 22 mm (standard 30 mm), cavity – free, anehogennoe content.
Stones, structures have been identified.
Not thickened walls (norm to 3 mm).
Echogenicity of the wall – the average.
The structure of the wall – homogeneous.
Choledoch not extended, pass all over.

Recommendation: spend a treatment in Germany.

Pancreas: Location typical. The contours are smooth, clear.
Form-variant of the norm.
Dimensions are not changed: a head-23mm (normal up to 11-30 mm), the body is 18 mm (normal 4-21 mm), tail 22 mm (normal, 7-28 mm).
The structure of the parenchyma – diffuse uniform, medium-grained.
Increased echogenicity
Virsungov duct is not extended straightforward.
Space-occupying lesions were found.
In the omental bursa hypoechoic structure 53 * 46 mm round shape, with a clear smooth contour.

Recommendation: the treatment of cancer in Munich.

Spleen Location typical.
Form-variant of the norm.
The contours are smooth, clear. The capsule is not changed.
Dimensions: length 115 mm (normal up to 120 mm), width of 46 mm (normal up to 80 mm), homogeneous parenchyma. Mixed echogenicity
The splenic Vienna is not extended. At the gate of the spleen two hypoechoic rounded education with an irregular outline, poor blood flow in the DRC 30 and 49 mm.
The upper pole hypoechoic structure 14 and 8 mm in the middle third 46 mm on the lower pole 41 mm. Space-occupying lesions were found.
Free fluid in the abdominal cavity were found.

Recommendation: treatment in Munich.

CONCLUSION: diffuse changes of the liver and pancreas moderate severity. Education in the gate spleen , education packing bags . metastatic lesion spleen .

Recommendation: go through the diagnostics in Munich.

Diagnosis of testicular seminoma

Treatment of seminoma in Munich


Recently began to notice a gradual painless enlargement and discomfort in the right half of the scrotum. addressed to the urologist, performed ultrasound, and the appendage of the left testicle is not changed. The right testicle with fuzzy rough contours, heterogeneous parenchyma due to inclusions hypoechoic nodular structure, the size of eggs 11.2 x6, 7 cm The epididymis is not changed. When DRC is marked diffuse increase in blood flow in the right testicle.
AFP – 1.0 IU / mL hCG – 1.1 mIU / mL LDH – 2575 units / l.
Our doctors suspect cancer.
What is required for the passage of diagnosis in Munich?

To assist in the organization of diagnosis and treatment seminoma testicular (ie, testicular cancer) you want to start to send the case history.

Diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease by CT scan of the abdomen

Diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease in Munich

Diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease

CT scan of the ABDOMINAL

Scan Mode: spiral. Slice thickness: 1.0 mm Contrast enhancement – omnipak-350 100ml intravenously. The patient’s consent to the introduction of contrast agents received. Pathological reactions to the introduction was not recorded.

The liver is usually not changed shape, dimensions: 17.4 cm right lobe, left 5.7 cm contours of her smooth, precise. The structure of homogeneous parenchyma density natively +43 H11. Intra-and extrahepatic bile ducts are not dilated.

The gallbladder is usually not increased. In the lumen of radiopaque stones were found.

Gate, splenic, inferior vena cava is not extended.

The spleen is usually normal shape, size 14,8 x4, 8 cm, the contours of her smooth, clear, homogeneous structure, the density of the parenchyma natively +45 H11. The pancreas is a typical shape and size (26 mm head., The body is 24 mm, tail 22 mm. Its normal, the structure of the parenchyma moderately diffuse inhomogeneous density natively +30 BUT, clear outlines. Pancreatic duct with no signs of obstruction, not expanded. Parapancreatic Fiber is not changed. Determined conglomerates lymph nodes: in the gate spleen size up to 58×42 mm. (with gipodensivnymi sites in the structure), para-aortic to 37×30 mm.

Free fluid in the abdominal cavity were not detected. Bone-destructive changes were found.

Conclusion: CT signs of lymphoproliferative disease with enlarged lymph nodes and spleen at the gate paraaorgalnoy group (lymphoma). Hepatosplenomegaly.

Diffuse changes in the liver, pancreas

For more information about Diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease by CT scan of the abdomen please go to medical advice.