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Cancer treatment with Cyberknife©

Cancer treatment in Germany

Cancer treatment in Germany with Cyberknife

Cancer treatment in Germany with Cyberknife©

“Proton therapy” and Cyberknife© are the most advanced high-tech method in the treatment of cancer with radiation therapy.

In the radiology clinic of Munich cancer patients are given the opportunity to be treated by one of the most modern methods of treatment of cancer. Them is a highly accurate, robot-assisted and high-tech method of radiation known as Cyberknife©.

This method has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients from all over the world in the Specialized Clinic Munich Cyberknife© are in Germany.

Therapy by the Cyberknife© is not only the most gentle, and painless for the patient, and always on an outpatient basis. Producing point exposure through special terminals and the concentration of rays that are at the intersection have significant energy potential. Thus, no interference with a surgical scalpel and cancerous tissue is destroyed, without exposing the ravages of its surrounding healthy tissue. No longer requires a painful and difficult for the body to open surgery. Due to this method, doctors can avoid possible complications of anesthesia, a multi-day hospital stay, postoperative treatment costly and lengthy recovery period of the patient.

A particular advantage of the approach in Cyberknife© is an painless, but very effective treatment of a number of cancers, for example: the spine cancers, spinal tumors, brain metastases and brain cancer, lung cancersand

. Through the use of several terminals, this approach makes it possible to divide a strong dose for a few much smaller exposures, each of which by itself is completely harmless, and at the intersection of rays created the necessary concentration. Thus, it was possible to conduct therapy in the most sensitive places and bodies, and the surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged.

Outpatient treatment Cyberknife© is held only once and does not require any restrictions during the daily life and the usual routine patient remains Following this therapy session.

Due to the strong, but the point dose therapy Cyberknife© is usually a one-time procedure and lasts depending on the requirements of a few minutes. German experts recommend the checks no later than one half of the year.

For more information about Cancer treatment with Cyberknife© please go to medical advice.